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What is Soiedroo?

Soiedroo is a Chinese traditional chamber musical instrument which also represents beautiful sounds.
Soiedroo is a brand created by a group or engineers with a combined experience of over 30 years in the industry. Our sounds products aim to provide musical listening experience at an affordable price.
In China, we describe our best friends as "Zhi Yin", which means the person who can hear the voice in your heart. And this old saying comes from the following ancient story.  Two people became each other's lifetime friends because their highly common understanding about sounds and music. Bo Ya was a great musician. He used to play ‘qin’ , a Chinese string instrument,  alone in the mountain. Zhong Ziqi was a woodcutter but he could understand music very well. When Bo Ya was thinking  about high mountains and playing 'qin', Zhong Ziqi would say, "The sound of your 'qin' reminds me of the mighty mountain like Mountain Tai!" When Bo Ya was thinking about flowing water and playing'qin', Zhong Ziqi would say, 'How vast are the rivers and oceans!'  Whatever Bo Ya thought of, Ziqi would never fail to understand. Bo Ya said, "Amazing! Your heart and mine are the same!"
Because of the understanding of sounds and music. Boya and Zhong Ziqi became life-long friends. 

The music from their story "Flowing Streams" has been selected to the Golden Record "Murmurs of Earth" which contend Greetings and Sounds of the Earth originally with Voyager spacecraft launched in 1977, 
We hope you and our products will have a similar relationship like Bo Ya and Zhong Ziqi. Also we hope our products could deliver you more unique feelings and ideas, and help you enjoy more warm friendship in this big big world.  

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